: Shiatsu

Shiatsu/Esalen massage works on psychological plane and brings mind body coordination

Shiatsu is a special kind of massage technique believing in the philosophy of vital and hidden energy. This massage technique found its origin and became extremely popular in the eastern parts of China and Japan. This system believes in the latent vital energy of the body is centered at a specific spot in human beings. Due to stress and modern life styles this energy has restricted flow through the lateral channels in the body preventing some of the vital organs to receive this positive energy. Shiatsu massage techniques allow the concentrated positive energy to flow through the vital organs in the body and revitalize the body and the human spirit.

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mastered some of these ancient and effective massage techniques and offering these services to their esteemed clients at a reasonable price.

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has an open mind in grasping the massage principles and philosophies of oriental cultures and adapted them with efficiency and pragmatism. An ordinary individual can not differentiate much between some of these massage techniques. But an expert masseur or therapist would diagnose the root cause of nagging pain and painful conditions of the body and will suggest suitable massages essential to a particular individual. Oriental philosophy believes every individual is different and the energy levels also differ radically in each individual. It is extremely important to study the psyche of the individual before recommending a specific massage technique. Shiatsu works in a more psychological dimension of the individual than the physical dimension.
Shiatsu massage uses basically hands and fingers to apply pressure in a particular area to make the energy flow freely to the affected areas. Due to this, the patient feels the relaxation required and can gain immensely in general health. This technique believes body is like a temple that nurtures the soul.

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houses expert masters who are adept in offering such ancient and time tested massage techniques. Clients can enhance the base of their knowledge and education in the areas of massage while engaging in a lengthy and friendly conversation with the therapists.