: Reflexology

Reflexology – Targets hands and feet as a part of Massage

Reflexology is a branch of massage therapy technique but does not target the entire body of even parts of body where pain persists. Reflexology is a very ancient medical system revealing specific areas in the hands and feet which are main centers of human reflexes. By manipulating these areas, one can address the potential pain causing aspects. There are several well established massage techniques for this and some are very prominent like general body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy. Reflexology made a very late entry in to the arena of massage services.

Body Works by Carla

offers a variety of massage services suitable to various ailments. The masseur decides what type of massage is most suitable for the client based on reports from the clients.

Chicago Massage

offers Reflexology for suitable clients and claims to have tremendous stress release and pain relief aspects. There is a general agreement in the medical field that several day to day disorders witnessed by individuals with hectic schedules is due to stress even though there are diverse views of addressing the anomalies. There is a general acceptance in the public that Massage Therapy is one of the best alternative systems of medicine directly mitigating stress factors and indirectly helps the individuals to relieve neck pain, nagging lower back pain and sore shoulders. Several individuals are approaching

Chicago Massage Therapy

with their problems. The well trained and professional masseur from Body Works by Carla suggests specific massage types needed based on a scientific research for his state.
Several companies are extending their incentive programs to employees and offering free massage services to them on-site.

Body Works by Carla

is one such company offering extensive massage services to corporate clients and individuals within the office. It is unarguable that, the effective massage systems are viable alternatives to medicine, but ultimately the patient’s testimony is the most important factor. The satisfaction of the customer is the backbone for growth and sustainability of massage services.